My Story

I was born in Charlotte, NC but grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Music was very important in my house. On weekends my dad would tell us to turn off the TV, but we had a jukebox. And he would have us find music from his collection we loved and he made us CDs for us to listen to. Ever since, music quickly became my main priority in life, even when I didn’t know it.

My parents were very into the 80s New Wave (The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, New Order), etc. that played a huge role on me. I was seven years old singing, pretending to be Robert Smith, from The Cure. They were both very into the Trip Hop scene that took over as well. Portishead and Moby played a big role in my childhood as well. Over time I slowly discovered an area of music I was never taught before. I heard 808s and Heartbreak and it easily became my favorite album ever. So influential. Kanye changed my entire way of thinking with that album. I came across Travis Scotts’ music in 2012 and that’s what really made me start trying to create. I hadn’t heard anything like that at the time. I wanted to be making music 24/7. I couldn’t get enough. It became an obsession almost.

I was a quiet kid in school. I wasn’t academically gifted. As I got more into music, the more I would skip school to go home and make beats, practice singing, or just studying areas of music in general. Kids used to judge me when they didn’t even know me. So I stuck to a few close friends who were just as into music as I was. Those were the time’s Kid Cudi really helped with sanity — another favorite artist of mine.

After high school, I went to Hocking College, near Athens, Ohio, for audio engineering. It was a great place to build relationships and studying something I loved. I didn’t need college, but I’ll never regret going. My professors and friends really helped shape me into who I am today.

Four or five years ago, I found this kid on Tumblr who had sent me a demo to listen to. It blew me away. 451 became not only my favorite artist but a dear friend and our friendship slowly started building relationships around itself. Meeting Loner (producer), Kill September (producer), and Mark Cruz (manager) and more, has been a blessing. Seeing everyone improve with each song. It’s inspiring. Building relationships is so key in this industry. We all just consistently made music together, sending each other demos and ideas. Eventually, it started clicking. We didn’t all meet in person until 2018-19. But it had felt like we all knew each other for decades.

After graduating from college, I worked full time to save up to move. In March, I moved to Los Angeles. Sadly we got to LA a day before COVID broke out and the lockdown was initiated. I moved at the worst possible time, but I’ve made it work. Which makes me believe we can get through anything. I don’t regret moving when I did and I can’t wait to see what happens as time moves forward!

(courtesy of VoyageLA)